Get ready for the adventure of your life with the debut novel by Norman John.

All aboard on one of the first Space Cruiseships of Earth.

Brace yourself for your first cruise to Saturn with stops at Mars and Jupiter.

Have the time of your life...

until something goes terribly wrong.

Put your fate in the hands of Captain Philip Sherwood, his sultry wife Trish and a crew out of this world.

Packed with adventure, humor, mystery, romance, action, suspense and... ecstasy.

To call it a coming Blockbuster is to miss the point.

The Ecstasy is on pace to be the next Planetbuster!

Available now in Kindle™, nook®, iBook™, Kobo™ and paperback formats!

"The Ecstasy is going to blow Titanic so far out of the water they'll probably find it beached in the middle of the Sahara." - Norman John - Author of The Ecstasy


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Welcome to the Official Website of The Ecstasy novel.

I'm Norman John, author of The Ecstasy. I'm extremely excited to share with you an amazing story with a phenomenal cast of characters.

The Ecstasy is the first novel to take the reader on a 16 day cruise to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Ecstasy is an exciting story filled with humor, romance, mystery, suspense, action and surprises.

As you begin to read The Ecstasy you will be introduced to a remarkable ship and crew and several individual passengers and families. In addition, you'll become familiar with the colorful ship Marines posted onboard to protect the guests and crew from the dangers of deep space.

The Ecstasy is extraordinary in scope and 2 to 3 times the length of a typical novel. You could take any one particular character or group, whether it be Sandy Chang, Moniqué, The McPhersons, the Route 66 club, the crew or the Marines and you would have a story all of its own, enough to keep the reader busy with wonder, anticipation and intrigue. But in The Ecstasy you have them all and more and this provides a precedent of dynamics, realism and depth far beyond what most authors or their stories or novels even dare consider accomplishing.

I think when readers have time to pause and reflect on The Ecstasy months later after they have read it, they will find it genuinely amazing that one story could cover so many social and psychological situations, events and issues.

I'm not saying this to brag. I simply hate the thought of a person skipping The Ecstasy from the false impression it's just another silly Sci-Fi novel. They will truly miss an epic story and adventure that can be not just spectacularly entertaining, but life changing.

Get your copy of The Ecstasy today! Experience for yourself this thrilling and amazing adventure of a lifetime!

Welcome aboard,

Norman John

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